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Tia Blassingame: "Primrose is the name of the first metal ornament that I purchased. It is a decorative border, and I use it as a symbol of the press, but also in many pieces. Also Primrose was the name of part of a minstrel duo that worked in blackface – Primrose & West. My press work deals with beauty, but also presenting issues of racism in a visually appealing way that might disarm the viewers initial instinct to flee or avoid the topic. Primrose, with this duel meaning, seemed an appropriate name."
Artist book by Tia Blassingame  

Marching Lost
By Tia Blassingame
Washington, DC: Primrose Press, 2012. Edition of 40.

8.5 x 11" single sheet. Letterpress printed in Garamond BE typeface on Moab Entrada paper.

Tia Blassingame: "This broadside combines a sketch and poem to address the invisibility of the homeless and their displacement by political protests."

Bus stops transformed into bedrooms
Doorways, storefronts into living room and stage
The audience driving past

March Lost

Parked shopping carts alongside Audis and BMWs
Muttering, crying
Unheard, unseen too visible and too loud cursing

Marching lost
Found cold


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