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(Darrell Hyder)

Artist's books by Sun Hill Press  
Art of Making Money
Words of P.T. Barnum
North Brookfield, Massachusetts: 2000, Sun Hill Press. Edition of 75.

8.5 x 28.5"; single sheet. Printed in blue on two-ply cotton board. Hand set in metal types.

Sun Hill Press catalogue: "This broadside tells you what you just might need to know. Barnum was short of funds when he wrote a book on this subject. We've taken his chapter titles and handset them in different typefaces, some of them cast during his life time. A final admonition from Barnum urges his manager to 'drive ahead, don't spare the steam, make all the noise possible..."

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A Visit from St. Nicholas
By Clement C. Moore
North Brookfield, Massachusetts: 1994, Sun Hill Press. Edition of 75.

9 x 26"; one sheet. Handset in Baskerville type. Printed with a color initial on stout acid-free card stock. Decorated by Elisabeth Hyder with her own hand-cut stamps. Ornaments may vary.

Sun Hill Press catalogue: "The Night before Christmas may seem familiar but where else can you see it all at once, as here?"



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