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(Elaine Benjamin)


A visually stunning alphabet book by Elaine Benjamin. Repetitions of each letter are arranged in innovative patterns, many of which completely obscure, and yet transcend, the individual letter forms. Each alphabetic illustration, cleanly embossed into the paper to create raised and depressed images, can be read from the front or back of the page, with versos and rectos seeming to tell an ongoing story in an ancient glyph. Embossed on an etching press into creme-colored, Arches printmaking paper, a weighty sheet that takes impression well. The book, effectively monochromatic, is sewn into a sheet of the same paper with supported spine and is embossed with a pleasing tumble of letters on the cover. Natural and hand-torn deckled edges add to the overall visual texture and tactile pleasure. Housed in a folded paper case for protection. This book is a worthy addition to any collection of Alphabet Books. Edition of 100. (12 x 10.5 inches.) Must see.
$500 (Last copy!)

Fishing with Hamlet
By Elaine Benjamin. A takeoff on the famed speech by the second Danish Prince: "To fish or not to fish: that was the question. Whether 'twas nobler in the mind to suffer the pitch and toss of outrageous mal de mer, or take rod and reel against a sea of salmon and by casting catch them ." A delightful little book for the Shakespearean fisher or anyone who enjoys the bard's rhythms and a playful turn. Offset printed text and illustrations with handprinted, linoleum block cover and frontispiece. Stab binding; blue paper over boards. Clear mylar jacket. Unlimited, numbered edition. (5 x 5.75 inches.)

The Key to Happiness
Elaine Benjamin. A little wisdom book. Benjamin points out that the key to Success, Love, and Creativity is Happiness. And the key to Happiness is, of course, Chocolate! Sound philosophy! Candy bar book, pamphlet stitched into brown covered boards, wrapped in foil paper, and slipped into a brown paper wrapper. Perfect gift book. (Caution: Do not read before meals!) Second Edition of 100.

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