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Ashley L. Schick: "My books look at the ways that we define ourselves through the stories that we tell. ... Playing with methods of retelling, progression, and annotation, I am constructing a new collection of first- and second-hand stories."
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1970: The Four Weddings
By Ashley L. Schick
Atlanta, Georgia: Capybara Press, 2009. Edition of 4.

8 x 8 x .75"; 8 pages. Screen printed images. Bookboard structure. Paper title label tipped on decorative paper on front cover.

Ashley L. Schick: "Screen printed images show echoes of the year that my mother was a bridesmaid in four of her friends' weddings (Peggy, Bobbie, Cheryl, and Sue). The decorative paper on the edges of the bookboard structure is mid-century wedding paper depicting flower girls and wedding bells. The handwritten text comes from letters my mother wrote about the weddings."

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art champs
By Ashley Schick
Atlanta, Georgia: Capybara Press, 2014. Edition of 5.

6.75 x 7"; 38 pages. Accordion fold. Original images hand drawn then converted into digital renderings. Giclée prints on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper on an HP Z3100 printer. Bound in red cloth boards with paper title label on front board. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Capybara Press: "art champs is an accordion fold book, made with the challenge of connecting sports to art, using the similarities of color in sports team insignia and art history masters."

Ashley Schick: "Anytime I see the colors orange and blue, I don't think of their complementary status first, but of UF's school colors. The specific colors of university teams, alma maters, and hometown favorites are ingrained in even the student with the least school spirit. Away from the stadium in the lecture hall, students of art history learn to recognize the stylistic fingerprint of their favorite artists through hours of slide lectures or museum trips. This artist's book blends these two seemingly disparate arenas of football and fine art. Each image was inspired by a southeastern university team's official colors and the signature style of a particular artist. Can you guess the matching pairs for each image and become an ‘art champ’?"

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a fine dispute
By AshleyL. Schick
Atlanta, Georgia: Capybara Press, 2011. Edition of 3.

6.5 x 8"; 14 pages. The drawings are made on glassine folios, with a piece of graph paper sandwiched inside. The folios are bound on the open ends using a single-sheet Coptic stitch.

Ashley L. Schick: "This book pairs fragments of text with digrammatic ink drawing tracing a 'fine dispute' between two individuals."

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By Ashley L. Schick
Lacoste, France: Capybara Press, 2010. Edition of 5.

8.5 x 5.25"; 18 leaves. Hand-drawn in graphite on vellum. Front spine is Rives BFK; back cover is Canson Mi-Teintes in Cachou. Binding threads are DMC #645. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ashley L. Schick: "This book, a 'very slow flip book,' traces the flight paths of tiny swifts across the sky. The scientific name for swifts, Apus Apus, derives from a Greek word that means 'no legs'. Swifts rarely land, and even then they only alight on vertical surfaces. Until well past the Middle Ages, these birds were assumed to have no legs. The translucency of the paper allows flight paths to be slowly uncovered as the reader pages through the book."

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By Ashley L. Schick
Atlanta, Georgia: Capybara Press, 2011. Edition of 4.

7 x 5.25"; 34 pages. All of the interior pages are composed of handcut papers arranged into page spreads. These page spreads were scanned in to Adobe Photoshop, edited, scaled, typeset, and digitally printed onto handcut and handbound double-sided matte paper.

Ashley L. Schick: "Cut-paper illustrations tell the story of my triathlete father's first swimming experience at six years old – nearly drowning in a motel pool on a family road trip."

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