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Suzanne Vilmain: "My experience with books has been a life-long engagement – scribbling marginalia, deconstruction, conceptual, rebellious, reader, writer, designer, typesetter, printer, artist, collector, bookstore, book maker and now letterpress. I've been under the influence of teachers, mentors, books read, art seen, workshops and in the company of many collaborators.

"My mind's eye is like a spinning collide-ascope with surrealist-einsteinian hands (4th dimension) which includes transparency, impression & mark making."

Where Pojoaque Meets the Rio Grande over Egypt
By Suzanne Vilmain
Sante Fe, New Mexico: Counting Coup Press, 2010. One-of-a-kind.

6.75 x 13"; 60 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Collage. Book held in hard cover with attached letterpress jacket. This hard cover laid into a wrap of indigo dyed paper with wire closure.

Counting Coup Press: “Letterpress printed invitation to the Pojoaque River Art Tour [forms a] palimpsest over black & white photo books of Egypt. Accordian fold with washi tape binding and collage. Wrapped as a gift in indigo asian (sic) paper and held by a hard cover with letterpress jacket. Unique. One in a series of storybooks sans words.”

Suzanne Vilmain: "Where Pojoaque Meets the Rio Grande over Egypt is an homage to place and the stories we tell when words are suggested by juxtaposition. I live in the Rio Grande valley near the edge of the river where the Pojoaque River meets Black Mesa and the Rio Grande. I've been to the Rift Valley in Kenya. I have never been to Egypt — it's a place along the Nile River valley that holds stories told through myth and movies and hierogylphics and art.

“Who do we become living alongside water and beneath mesas and mountains?

“This collection of pages from other books folded back into another … are meant to remind rather than tell, like a Persian miniature or a tantra drawing, the absence of words and color gives space and focus for memory to mix with the unknown.”


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A Collection of Maps for Al-Mutanabbi Street - Bagdad IRAQ
By Suzanne Vilmain
Sante Fe, New Mexico: Counting Coup Press, 2010. Edition of 5.

9.5 x 11 x 4.125" cloth-covered and lined open box containing book and pilot's kneeboard.

Book: 7.75 x 9", 52 pages. Accordion. Collage. Found materials. Ephemera: maps, newspapers, atlases, other paper media. Map fold pages. Laid in hard boards with leather wrap tie closure.

Pilot's kneeboard: 10.5 x 7 x 2.75". Metal with knee strap. Hinged. Top
slides to right on hinge. Two-page colophon and 10.5 x 15.5" folded
broadside laid in cavity. (Note: the broadside Attention was created for
the Mutanabbi Street Broadside Call for Artists in 2009.)

Created as a result of a call to Book Artists from the Al-Mutanabbi Street
Coalition to work on a project to 're-assemble' some of the 'inventory' of
reading material that was lost in the car bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street.

Colophon, Artist Statement: "Bagdad, Iraq - March 5, 2007 - Suicide car bomb exploded in Baghdad book market - Al-Mutanabbi Street. This is where all the book sellers are concentrated in Bagdad. In the Arab world there's a saying: Cairo Writes, Beirut publishes, Bagdad reads."

"Designed conceptually as a collection of maps to be worn on a jet pilot's kneeboard - a metal clipboard that attaches above the knee so as to free hands for flying. Maps and news-media-ephemera Turkish map folded into an accordion loose binding - juxtaposing images from satellites to stone carvings. Each book is unique, untitled, and unscripted. There is no sequence of time, no numbered pages, no order - it can be opened in any direction - quaquaversal - wheresoever - viewing from right or left - reflecting the direction of written languages - English/Arabic... map cartography in multiple languages, histories, beliefs & boundaries ... ephemera from old newspapers, children's books, atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias ... no real sense to be made of any of this!

"There is no anatomy of bombing, no need for actual maps, no real sense to be made of any of this!

"There is no point of view that is right, no point on a map that makes sense to be bombed, same as it ever was: no real sense to be made of any of this."

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Counting Coup Press Out of Print Title:  

from a series of alphabets
By Suzanne Vilmain
Sante Fe, New Mexico: Counting Coup Press, 2010. One-of-a-Kind.

7 x 7.5 x 1"; 86 unnumbered pages. Letterpress, origami, suminagashi, pressure printing, and collage. Printed with multiple passes. Five sewn signatures. Hardbound with leather attachments. Slipcased using Arches paper. Wrapped in 20.5 x 13.5" canvas cloth with alphabets and numbers overprinted.

Colophon: "a gathering of recycled book pages / letterpress printed, multiple passes, / pressure printing, western & Asian marbling, / collage, exquisite corpse, origami & map folds, / palimpsest & re-constructed / sequence and coherence are held together, with / alphabets over images over text not meant to be read - / texture & pattern, layers & juxtaposition / zigzag/wabi sabi/surreal influences & references."

Text includes Homeopathic Dose of Poem by Miriam Sagan, quotation by R.D. Laing, and Vilmain’s personal aphorisms.

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