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Editorial Lia, Libro de Artista ~ Mexico
(Monica Cardenas Ruiz Velasco, Director)

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Director Mónica Cárdenas Ruiz Velasco: “Lia Libro de Artista is a Mexican organization based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in charge of promoting and disseminating the artist book as a legitimate expression of reality. After three years of supporting and promoting the artist book through the International Artist Book Fair, the Artist Book Contest, the Artist Book Seminar and several workshops regarding creation and expression, Lia Libro de Artist has consolidated itself as one of the leading organizations in Mexico regarding this form of expression.”

By Lucia Maya
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: Sistole Diastole Ediciones Alternativas De Arte, 2005. Edition of 26.

8.5 x 14"; 6 leaves. Digital prints. Each print signed, numbered, and titled by the artist. Laid in portfolio of handmade paper-covered boards. Paper envelope adhered to front board with image and title label inserted. Paper colophon and portfolio information on front pastedown. Prints laid in black paper wrapper adhered to back pastedown. Colophon signed and numbered by the artist.

This suite of digital prints were produced from the artist's original work created in the 1980's.

Artist Lucia Maya was born on the island of Santa Catalina in California, but has lived in Mexico since she was 4. She began exhibiting her art in 1975. She says her influences include Carringtonian and Jungian dream structuring.

Susanna Kirchberg, The Intimate World of Lucia Maya: "Lucia's paintings are full of symbolism and inner meanings. Her confident brush paints a world where solitude, tension, and impassioned freedom are woven together through images of secluded figures, pounding hearts, and twisting flowering vines. Her art expresses the spirituality of endurance rather than focusing on objects of a physical nature."

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Editorial Lia, Libro de Artista sold titles:  
Dialogue in the Forest
Dialog in Wald

By Ayano Mouri
Halle an der Saale, Germany: Ayano Mouri, 2012. Edition of 10.

1025 x 7"; 22 leaves. Hand stenciling and digital printing. Translucent paper. Concertina structure with sewn sections. Laid in paper-covered boards with interior flap to slip end pages into. Embossed titles. Laid in case with magnet closure and embossed titles. English and German text. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ayano Mouri: "When I walk through the forest, I feel like someone talks to me. It's a very quiet but full with the sounds of the leaves, birds, and something strange.

"From 'As you like it' by William Shakespeare, five scenes in Arden's forest are printed on transparent pages. There are also many trees, which are printed hand stencil in black and white. You will be invited to walk into the forest and find conversations of someone."

Dialogue in the Forest
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Esse Moment
Hitotoki no koto (That Moment)

By Ayano Mouri
Halle an der Saale, Germany: Ayano Mouri, 2013. Edition of 35.

7 x 11"; 16 pages. Silkscreen printing. Digitally printed text. Concertina structure. Square embossed on cover and pages. Text in Portuguese and Japanese. Blue paper wrappers with white titles. Includes two English translation items laid in, one the English version of image titles and the second a journal entry. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon.

The vagaries of naming things by working with Google translator (for instance, working from English to Portuguese and back to English) is part of the fun. The real delights are the silkscreens of Portuguese tile designs.

Ayano Mouri: "I was in Lisbon for a few days, and these were unforgettable days for me. I met a man who spoke only Portuguese, so we could talk only with a Google translator. But it was pretty exciting and all the words made by Google translator sounded like a nonsense poem. In that city, I wrote something whenever I saw something that impressed me. Everywhere I saw patterns of tile. I tried to play with Google translator again, naming the patterns that had impressed me."
Esse Moment book
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A la deriva

By Arnulfo Salazar
Guadalajara, Mexico: Editorial Lía, Libro de Artista, 2015. Edition of 4.

Cylinder 8" tall, 3" diameter, cloth-covered with ends of wood. Metal pull on one end to open. 26 x 14" folded offset map with digital printing on one side. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Maps, charts, and ships are the basis for this artists' book. The container brings to mind the canisters that nautical charts were stored in on early voyages. The lid. slipped from the cylinder, is attached to an origami boat surrounded by origami waves. Also inside is a section from a contemporary map of an unnamed Mexican city that has been overprinted with an early chart full of images of sailing ships and cherubs blowing winds.

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Das Blatt und der Stein – namenlos
The Leaf and the Stone – nameless

By Ayano Mouri
Halle an der Saale, Germany: Ayano Mouri, 2012. Edition of 15.

5.5 x 8"; 36 pages. Text in German and Japanese. Digitally printed. Signed and numbered by the artist. Bound in bookboard with cloth spine. Includes 3 odd shaped containers of chipboard with leaves and a stone within.

Ayano Mouri: "I have seen landscape, where fallen leaves will cover everything. The stone of roads will become colder and harder, wintry. Branches are busy dropping leaves, and will bury any warmth very quietly. Roads are covered with a myriad of stones, which are rough and annoying.

"The landscape seems to be protected and hiding 'something.' So I wanted to present that 'something' by saving and using leaves and stones.

"I made the book to hold the story, by putting stone and leaf on paper.

"Actual stones and leaves are stored in small boxes, like coffins."


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By Claudia Ramirez
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: Editorial Lía, Libro de Artista, 2014. Edition of 100.

6 x 105 x 3.5" cloth box containing 16 loose pages. Printed letterpress on a Chandler & Price 12 x18. Die cutting. Numbered and initialed by the artist.

Claudia Ramirez: "This book is an exercise of the possibilities when transmitting an idea: folds in the paper, perforations, magnets, capsules and sand from the beaches of Tijuana participate in this mechanism. But this is also about representing the mechanisms of thought. It reflects on what others have thought, because this piece does not represent one single person, rather all the ones that were came before. Therefore, the credit goes to the person that folds and unfolds the ideas, it goes to the one that nourishes from them. Because thought does not belong to us, it just travels across our bodies. We give it its way through objects-books that communicate with others, that allow for dialogue, be it verbal or physical, because in the mental universe, we communicate in any way.

"We part from an evident notion: the blank page is the deep and endless ocean where the word and its companions allow us to float, like the strokes of a swimmer trying to reach port."


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Mis Tortillas para Valentina
By Ioulia Akmadeeva
Guadalajara, Mexico: Lía Libros, 2015. Edition of 5.

Circular box (diameter 7") contains 7 circular (6.25" diameter) pages. Box by ALTERnativa Gráfica with serigraph text tipped in bottom and top interior. Techniques: etching on copper, drypoint engraving on acrylic, photopolymer engraving. Printed on handmade paper by the author. Paper made with fiber pulp of "jonote tree" which is used to make handmade Mexican amate paper, a traditional bark paper manufactured in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times. Includes "Certificate of authenticity" signed by the author and cross-stitched warming cloth wrapper (18.5 x 20"). Spanish title and colophon on inside top and bottom of warmer. Signed on colophon by the artist.

Seven amate valentine tortillas placed in a circular tortilla warmer. One tortilla with text in English and one tortilla with text in the artist's native Russian. The other five tortillas have images of loved ones.

Ioulia Akhmadeeva: "The book is dedicated to my mother [who was Russian]Valentina, who died in Mexico in 2001. It presents the five stages of her life. 5 'tortilla' pages with family portraits and engravings by various techniques printed on handmade paper of jonote fiber. The box is wrapped in traditional embroidered folder. Tortillas is the more traditional Mexican food."

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Vida Interna
By Brenda Castillo
Guadalajara, Mexico: Lía Libros, [no date]. One-of-a-Kind.

22 x 15.5" closed, 66" extended. 6 pages. Collagraph. Five colors. Signed by the artist.

This richly colored collagraph begins as a large fish. When the left and right edges are pulled apart, it becomes a 6-paneled version of the fish and its innards, teeming with vida interna — inner life.

Brenda Castillo: "This book began after a diary that I recorded in Cuba. It was about drawing, writing, and capturing moments that were relevant to me. From there, I selected images and I made a new composition to generate a whole new discourse, and to offer different interpretations for the viewer.

"I used a technique called Collagraph, which consists of adhering materials such as paper, leafs, fabric, etc. to a wooden or cardboard surface. When inked, these materials give different textures and hints. The plates were inked 'a la poupee' with 5 different colors. The book is made of six different pages, the first and the last fold together creating the image of a fish. When the book is opened, we can see different images that make up all the engraving."


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