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Farmers' Daughters Project  
Amidst Trees
By Linda Gammell
St. Paul, Minnesota: Linda Gammell, 2016. Edition of 10 + 1 Artist Proof.

Closed portfolio 10.625 x 5.652" with band closure and paper title label on cover. Two accordion fold books and an essay Amidst Trees laid in: Boreal Forest, November with 6 photographic panels and Boreal Forest, May with 5 photographic panels. Photographs printed digitally with archival inks from film negatives on Hahnemühle 305# gsm fine art paper. Text letterpress printed. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Prospectus: "The artist has photographed the boreal forests of northern Minnesota for more than a decade. In this portfolio Amidst Trees she draws on her love of Japanese screens and the seasonal cycles by creating two photographic accordion-fold books, Boreal Forest, November and Borreal Forest, May. Voices from the literary world - lines from poems by Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Dante, Paul Gruchow, Wendell Berry, and Jane Kenyon - expand thoughts about trees. A personal essay about the artist's connection to trees and forests is included in the portfolio."
$650 copies 4–6
$700 copies 7-9

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Farmers' Daughters Project: Linda Gammell and Sandra Menefee Taylor. Linda Gammell: "We are a collaborative team who, since 1989, have been working with rural women and rural issues. We believe the link of rural and urban relationship, as well as our bodies to the land, is crucial to change the way farming and health are performed and how consumerism is managed.

"Our issues address rural identity, stereotypes of rural women, and most recently, rural women's importance in the social, spiritual, and political movements of sustainability and food. We have conducted numerous workshops with rural women in the Midwest, where conversations with them were recorded and photographs were made (by us and the women). Our research has resulted in three artist's books, exhibitions, installation art, and a video about sustainable production and eating of our food. Our concern is that women's part in rural culture is invisible."

Sacred Into Science
By Sandra Menefee Taylor, Michal M. McCall and Linda Gammell
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Linda Gammell, 1995.

9 x 6"; 4 panels. Double-sided accordion. Offset print.

Umbrella, Volume 20, no. 2: "Sacred into Science is a leporello taken from a project 'Farmers' Daughters: In Her Own Image', with the Minnesota Food Association as a sponsor. Included are comments by those who miss their cows, after they were sold, cave paintings from Lascaux, Celtic markings, the Egyptian deity Nut, photo stereocads, newspaper articles, promo packages for bovine growth hormone and women's comments about how to deal with cows. A reminiscence, an attachment, a bit of America."

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Landscape of Hope and Despair
By Jo Blatti, Linda Gammell and Sara Menefee Taylor
St. Paul, Minnesota: Linda Gammell, 1989. Edition of 350.

9.5 x 9.5" closed, opens to 19 x 38"; one sheet book. Offset printed. Signed by all three authors. Numbered. Laid in 10 x 10" pictorial wrapper with display information sheet laid in.

Linda Gammell: "The book tells the story of a rural crossroads community and an adjacent family farm in Bath township, Freeborn County, Minnesota, from the 1940's to the present. Eighty acres of the family farm were lost to foreclosure in the 1980's. The book combines photography and oral history to explore memories of the area as it is and was. Accompanying quotations from other sources provide additional context on contemporary farm issues. Produced with a fellowship from the Jerome Foundation–Minnesota Center for Book Arts.

"These were created during the 'farm crisis' in the late 80's when long-term farm families were losing their land to bank foreclosures. These were times when farmers and farm histories were being lost to suicide and bankruptcy. Many foreclosures were not because of poor financial managing by farm families, but by bank practices which resulted in whole families losing land that had meaning beyond just money.

"We believe that art should be connected and have social relevance."

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Linda Gammell Out of Print/Sold Titles:  
Pharmacopoeia: Field Notes
Medicinal Plants Growing in My Backyard
Lot 8, Site 4.
By Linda Gammell
St. Paul, Minnesota: Linda Gammell, 2012. Edition of 10 + 2 Artist's Proofs.

9.5 x 7.625"; 72 pages. Digital prints from an Epson 3880 inkjet printer onto archival matte paper using archival inks. Adobe Caslon text font. Hard bound, cloth over boards, with black foil titling. Tipped-in cover photographs scanned from black and white medium format negative film. Laid in a handmade 5 x 7" archival silver print of a plant image from the book. Print signed. Book signed and numbered.

Linda Gammell: "In Pharmacopoeia the artist's 'lab' is a typical urban lot with flowerbeds, borders, lawn, and weeds. The investigation begins by identifying and photographing some 55 medicinal plants growing there. Photographs are arranged throughout the book with accompanying poetic and informational text that traces family narrative, personal garden history, and landmarks in native and scientific knowledge of medicine and plants from earlier centuries through today's global demand for naturally healing chemicals found in plants.

"The visual look of the book is inspired by historical herbals and by the images created by naturalists, photographers, and artists during the great age of natural history exploration of the 16th - 18th centuries to illustrate the natural wonders of the world. Early research on the project was done during a Jerome Travel and Study Grant to examine rare books and art from the New York Public Library, The Linnean Society of London, Kew Gardens, the British Museum, and the Chelsea Physic Garden."


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