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In Cahoots Press: “Macy Chadwick publishes artist’s books and limited-edition prints under the imprint In Cahoots Press in Oakland, California. Through her work she addresses themes of memory, personal communication and visual language systems. She is interested in the connection between people: interactions both verbal and non-verbal, shared experiences, and the urge to communicate clearly."

The Topography of Home
By Macy Chadwick
San Francisco, California: In Cahoots Press, 2009. Edition of 50.

10.5 x 14"; 22 pages. Letterpress printed with pressure prints and polymer plates on Mohawk Superfine and French's Extra Blue Butcher paper. Window imagery hand-stenciled on silk tissue.

In Cahoots Press: "This book is the artist's attempted reconciliation of living in the present while longing for her remembered hometown. Letterpress printed maps convey a more emotional than geographical terrain; events and places are recorded and revisited, worried over and examined. Silk tissue apertures punctuate the pages offering the reader glimpses of previous and subsequent images. This sequential aspect of the book literally and metaphorically has the reader both seeing the past through the present and looking forward through history's gauze."
$850 (6 copies remaining)

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By Macy Chadwick & Lisa Hasegawa
San Francisco, California: In Cahoots Press / ilfant press, 2004. Edition of 50.

5.5 x 6.75" Letterpress printed with silkscreen. Longstitch binding. Printed on handmade papers using letterpress and silkscreen with additional elements of drawing, collage and machine stitching.

A collaborative artist's book inspired by grids, data and creative conclusions. The edition is based on a spontaneous book created by both artists in a collaborative visual dialogue.

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Cell Memory
By Macy Chadwick
San Francisco, California: In Cahoots Press, 2002. Edition of 100.

Enclosed in a shaped envelope with collage elements. Written and created by Macy Chadwick. Offset printed in grey and yellow ink on UV Ultra at the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts at The University of the Arts by Lori Spencer, with wire, string and fabric additions by the artist.

An artist's book about the microscopic world of the cell and distant memories. Circular die-cut pages, ethereal imager, and poetry evoke the sense of unconscious memories residing within in the cell..

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Fears Grow Wings
By Macy Chadwick
San Francisco, California: In Cahoots Press, 2001. Edition of 100.

Accordion structure with fold-out pages revealing a series of black inkblots culminating in a pop-up image. Letterpress text. Offset images.

A book exploring the concept of suppressed fears coming to life.

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In Cahoots Press Out of Print Title:
• The Conversation

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