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Su Lund, Sarasota Arts Review, 1992: "I have come to understand that books are ideas. When we make books, our ideas are manifested into objects. Books are effective tools of expression. Who can censor my ideas when I am self-publishing my ideas into my own books? My materials are archival, my structures are sound, and so my ideas have the ability to survive a thousand years. The best made artist's books will be our rare books of the future. Books will always endure as message carriers. As Marshall McLuhan stated, 'The medium is the message, the message is the medium.' The primary direction of my work is the creation of the whole book as art object, by combining traditional bookbinding techniques with personal content and contemporary artistic expression. I am equally concerned with the painted 'page,' the building an archival structure, and an intricate exterior packaging. My goal is to create objects of personal transformation, social importance, transmitting a spiritual/mystical message. Books are a powerful form by which I can present my vision and beliefs."

Shimmering color bookworks
Sculptural Wall Books / Boxes


Experiments with materials and shimmering color bookworks


Line in the Sand: Peace or Victory?
By Su Lund
Sarasota, Florida : Su Lund, 1991. One-of-a-Kind.

24 x 10 x .75" closed. Triptych structure. Mixed media on laced-in binders board, linen hinges, bamboo spine, pigments, linen cord, eggshell fragments, gold metal ball feet, thread, marble dust, leather onlays, leather hinges. Found objects. Acrylic.

Su Lund: "This is an anti-war piece created during the Gulf Wars for an exhibit in New York [City at the Center for Book Arts]. The outside panels show a whole leather hand intact at center, the side panels suggest explosion with bits, parts flying apart. The inner center panel shows a Peace symbol of Vietnam war era/or a Victory symbol of WWII era. Which is it?? The left panel suggests gun and noose shapes among sandpaper strips (desert sand), the right panel is a thumbs down (on war) symbol. Sand and sandpaper are coating the surfaces, along with eggshell and marble dust. Right panel folds in first, then left makes the cover."

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Sculptural Wall Books / Boxes

Su Lund: "My challenge is to take a concept and transform it into a concrete object that transcends the categories of Book Arts or sculpture."


Star Nebula II: (Marilyn)
By Su Lund
Santa Fe, New Mexico: Su Lund, 2001. One-of-a-Kind.

15 x 7.75 x 4.5" closed (note: the box does not close completely); 15 x 13 x 3.5" (opened). Mixed media in a hinged wooden box, which has hardware on the back so the work can be wall-mounted. Materials: various metal parts (including the front to a post office box), photos, pigments, stones, beads, wire, glitter, eggshell, and other found objects.

Su Lund: "This follows an earlier unique piece titled Star Nebula I: (Marilyn) which I created for an exhibit at the New York City Center for Book Arts in 1994. …This second unique piece relates to Marilyn's destiny via her astrology chart, star charts, palmistry, etc. Marilyn Monroe was born in Gemini with Leo Rising, I have the same."


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Unavailable and out of print work by Su Lund:  

Dylan: Desire #61
By Su Lund
Santa Fe, New Mexico: Su Lund, 2006. One-of-a-Kind.

9.5 x 15 x 4". Sculptural wall book. Wood construction. Materials: pigments, metal, glass, photos, eggshell, maps, wire, Dylan lyrics, and found objects.

Su Lund: "As a fellow Minnesotan, this piece refers to Dylan's personal journey 'on the road' from MN to NY to CA. References include: Highway 61, Desire, Dylan lyrics about transformation and change, luck, fortune, religion, water, Gemini astrology, star maps, hands and time. 'Don't blame me, I'm from MN' button is from the Reagan reelection in 1984. Minnesotans wore these buttons (made by an artist friend of mine) and black armbands to protest the election. Only Minnesota and Washington D.C. did not vote for Reagan in that election."


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Fortune Teller II
By Su Lund
Sarasota, Florida: Su Lund, 1991. One-of-a-Kind.

6 x 9.75" closed, opens to 12 x 9.75"; two leaves. Mixed media on binder's board. Materials: paper and silk on-lays, pigments, eggshell, mesh Florida citrus orange bag, brass corners, printed text.

Lund attended Ringling School of Art & Design (Sarasota) in the 1970s and returned to the area from 1989-1992 when she had a studio on the Gulf of Mexico. Fortune Teller II is from this period and is a relatively early example for her experiments with materials and shimmering color. Later examples of this style can be found in her Seeker-Healer series.

Su Lund: "The colors are reflections of the colors and sparkle of the
Florida Gulf in my view of Siesta Key."

The two snippets of text reflect rosy wisdom in the mode of fortune cookie visions:

    Good things are coming to you in due course of time.
    The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

Su Lund: "I made these Fortune Tellers as small standing altars or shrines and put crystals and healing stones in front of them."

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The Japanese Package

By Su Lund
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Su Lund, 1984. One-of-a-Kind.

45 x 6.25 x 1.25" closed, 5 x 71.25" extended; 22 pages. Pen-and-ink drawings with notes by the artist.

Japanese paper on-lays. Handmade papers. Concertina binding. Bound in antique handwoven silk from Kyoto, Japan [brought to the US by the artist's father after WWII]. ...Housed in matching clamshell box with tiny intaglio etching on-lays. Binding by the artist.

Ten drawings by the artist illustrating different types of Japanese packaging. Notes written by the artist regarding style or some characteristic of the particular packaging.

Colophon: "The design on the title page is a stylized version of the Sino-Japanese ideograph tsutsumu (to wrap). All information taken from Tsutsumu: The Art of the Japanese Package by Tokyo designer, scholar, and critic, Mr. Hideyuki Oka."

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