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SFCB: "Bettina is living in San Francisco as a book artist and working as a letterpress printer with Kim Vanderheiden at Painted Tongue Studios, Oakland, California. She teaches workshops at the San Francisco Center for the Book, the Academy of Art University and O’Hanlon Center for the Arts. She loves books and boxes both as physical objects and as containers of meaning. She is interested in a variety of folded, sewn and woven structures in which she can incorporate her printing."
Grimm's Fairy Tale Theater produced at SFCB  
Dare to be Curious
By Bettina Pauly
San Francisco, California: Bettina Pauly, 2010.

5.75 x 5.75"; tunnel book. Rubber stamped with archival ink, using Somerset and Bugra papers plus card stock. Stitched, glued, and cut out by hand. Cover printed on a Vandercook press. Fonts: Playbill, Caslon Antique and Declaration. Laid in a four-fold wrapper with instructions for viewing and colophon printed on the interior and titles on the exterior.

Colophon: "One night she woke up at 2:30 a.m. With a vision of a tunnel - NO, not a tunnel vision, but a tunnel book. Another one. Yes, she just really liked tunnel books. This one would be mysterious. A book where the viewer would not know what is happening, but would hold the book and look through holes."

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Crazy Carousel Book: Alice
By Bettina Pauly
San Francisco, California: Bettina Pauly, 2008. Series variant.

4.5 x 3.25" closed; 4.5 x 19" extended. Carousel structure: 5 spreads, each with 3 layers of overlapping concertina folds with sections cut out to create a 3 — dimensional scene. When opened and covers are placed against each other, it forms a star-shaped structure, 6.2" in diameter. Rubber handstamped illustrations. Images cut out with Exacto Knife. Bound in wine colored book cloth with paper cut out of Alice's Rabbit on front board. Signed and dated by artist.


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