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Press statement: “People to People Press was established in 2002 by Kate Ferrucci. The primary mission of the press is to preserve a portion of the human environment and tradition of unique communities of people throughout the world through the collection and dissemination of their oral histories. The stories are presented in books for the appreciation and knowledge of future generations. People to People Press works in the tradition of fine limited editions by creating books of worthwhile texts which are printed on a traditional letterpress and bound by hand. Each work is created with thoughtful design and careful production in an attempt to capture and reflect the preciousness of each individual voice.”

By Kate Ferrucci
Bloomington, Indiana: People to People Press, 2006. Edition of 50.

14.25 x 11.5 x 4.5”; 216 pages. Printed letterpress at the Wells Book Arts Center in Aurora, New York. Typeface is Hofler & Frere Jones’s Requiem. One continuous line drawing weaves its way throughout the book printed silkscreen. Twenty photographic portraits of the interviewees printed offset. Printed on Mohawk Superfine eggshell text in softwhite, Fabriano Ingres lightweight in black and bright white, and Mohawk Options. Bradel bound with lacquered wooden boards attached to a goatskin vellum spine, with a section of the sewing exposed. Ebony and figured maple front and back cover boards, inset with pearl dots and a wood purfling strip. Of 216 pages, 180 are printed. Designed and printed by Kate Ferrucci.

Soundings is based on interviews that were conducted, transcribed, and edited by the author from September 2003 to November 2005 in Bloomington, Indiana. The text includes a foreword by Jim Manion, program and music director of community radio station WFHB, and a preface by the author.

Kate Ferrucci: "Bloomington, Indiana, is a university town and cultural mecca of 60,000. Not only is the town home to the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music—one of the most renowned institutions for the study of music in the world—but also the town itself is a nexus of musical activity, brimming with exceptionally talented local musicians. This book presents a collection oral history stories from the lives of twenty individuals who have been key figures in Bloomington’s musical community over the past several decades, including Joshua Bell, David N. Baker Jr., Alain Barker, Cary Boyce, Reverend Marvin Chandler, Al Cobine, Malcolm Dalglish, Lloyd “TJ” Jones, Ron Kadish, Grey Larsen, Freda Love, Paul M.K.S. Mahern, Carrie Newcomer, Karl Schuessler, Janis Stockhouse, Chris Swanson, Carmen Téllez, Camilla Williams, Lee Williams, and Mimi Zweig.

“In this collection of stories, the narrators remark upon music in Bloomington past and present. They share their personal feelings about their art, their thoughts on the creative process, and their path into music. Their stories are full of wisdom and tradition. These people have a sense of independence and a do-it-yourself spirit that can be likened to that of the 1920s when Hoagy Carmichael took the initiative to host jazz dances on the north side of the courthouse square. The portraits and supplementary photographs capture the sense of place and humble spirit which underlie the text. The book is a tribute to the people involved in this rich musical community, and represents the wide range of musical genres that are present."

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Limestone Lives
By Katherine Ferrucci
Bloomington, Indiana: People to People Press, 2002. Edition of 50.

14.5 x 10.5”in a horizontal format; 60 pages. Printed letterpress on Rives BFK Heavyweight in grey and buff. Binding exposed sewing on the spine onto linen tapes. Front and back covers constructed from rectangular pieces of binders’ board of varying dimensions, arranged to resemble a wall built with limestone blocks. In a protective cloth-covered slipcase. Typefaces used Centaur and Arrighi, which were cast and set by the Bixler Typefoundry. Includes45 magnesium halftone photoengravings, eleven of which are full-page portraits of the hands of the interviewees. With three line drawings, which were printed from photopolymer plates, and several linoleum cuts which were used to print solid tint blocks under the photoengravings. Books numbered and signed by the artist.

Limestone Lives was photographed, designed, and printed by Kate Ferrucci. It is based on interviews that were conducted, transcribed, and edited by the author from 1999 to 2002.

Limestone Lives documents a representative sampling of past and present day stories and experiences of people who have worked and are currently working in the limestone industry in south central Indiana. It is a collection of stories from the lives of eleven individuals for whom limestone has played a significant role. The stories describe events, emotions, views and opinions. Although the stories are of limestone, the themes are familiar to -us all – change and continuity, technology versus tradition, fortune and calamity, joys and sorrows. The text includes a foreword by the Indiana Limestone Institute and a preface by the author.

This book was selected for the annual 50 Books/ 50 Covers competition of the American Institute of Graphic Arts in 2003.
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