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Carousel, A Musical Pop Up
By Michael Henninger
Oakland, California: Rat Art Press, 2013. Edition of 25.

12.6 x 12.6 x 1.6" cloth-covered box containing 33? LP and 4 x 4 x 4.75" pop-up. Pop-up has inkjet printing on paper plus hand and computer cutting. Title on box cover. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Michael Henninger: "Carousel: A Musical Pop-Up is a pop-up that opens to create a Carousel (aka Merry-Go-Round) with six animals: two horses, a giraffe, a goat, a stork, and a tiger. The pop-up may be enjoyed by itself, but the preferred presentation, or 'reading,' mode is along with the enclosed vintage LP record of carousel music (e.g., Band Organ, Calliope). The pop-up should be placed on top of the record on a phonograph and played; in this way the carousel spins while accompanied by the music.

"This book is the result of a long standing interest in non-textual modes of communication used in books in general and in Artist’s Books in particular. Carousel is influenced by, and a response to, audio books, author readings, greeting cards with sound chips, and, of course, actual carousel rides.

"The animal artwork was inspired by the historic Tilden Park Carousel in Berkeley, CA. Digital illustrations were created in vector form so that scaling down to final size would preserve a maximum amount of detail. Digital printing and a combination of hand and computer cutting were used to make the pop-up."


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Ice Cream Man
By Michael Henninger
Oakland, California: Rat Art Press, 2009. Edition of 50.

3 x 7.5"; 10 unnumbered leaves. Accordion fold printed on one side only. Letterpress printed. Attached to a wooden popsicle stick. Housed in illustrated red white and blue bag which slips over top of accordion.

Michael Henninger: "Is it an ice cream bar? No, it is a book shaped like an ice cream bar. [It] contains recollections and thoughts about the neighborhood Ice Cream Man past and present. The book also contains illustrations of various ice cream treats, and it slips neatly into a colorful wrapper."

Michael Henninger, colophon: "To my son, whose first complex statement was: I hear something; it sounds like the Ice Cream Man."


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Hand Book
By Michael Henninger
Oakland, California: Rat Art Press, 2008. Edition of 10.

8.5 x 10.25"; 36 unnumbered pages. Digitally printed. Hand sewn pamphlet. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Michael Henninger: "The book contains life-size color photographs of hands, specifically the hands of 9 San Francisco area book makers. As the reader turns a page, he also turns the hand from back to palm or vice-versa. Ideas arise about hand gestures, gender and age differences/similarities, the act of reading a book, and how much can one determine about the whole individual from a photo of their hands?

"For the curious, the nine hand models were: Michael Henninger, Alisa Golden, Betsy Davids, Charles Hobson, Julie Chen, Karen Sjoholm, Kathy Walkup, Macy Chadwick, and finally Nance O'Banion."

$90 (Last Copy)

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The Book of Love
By Michael Henninger
2005. Edition of 16.

7.5 x 13". Hahnemühle paper, linen thread, canvas, gesso, bronze. Printed using an Epson 9600 with Ultrachrome inks. The canvas covered boards, cast bronze coin adorning the front cover, and the hand sewn gate-fold structure complement Aristophanes' ancient myth about the origins of Love. Illustrations, bronze coin, printing, and book binding by Michael Henninger. Numbers 1-6 have the added feature of perforated pages that must be split by the first reader in an action analogous to the action taken by Zeus in the story. Numbers 7-16 are pre-cut.

Text excerpted from Plato: The Symposium and The Phaedo, translated and edited by Raymond Larsen.

Michael Henninger: "The artist is very pleased that the age old question posed in the Monotones' hit song from 1958, “Who wrote the Book of Love?” now has an answer."
Numbers 1-6, perforated pages $500
Numbers 7-16, pre-cut pages $400

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Temporada de Lluvias 360° Panoramas of the Maya Lowlands
By Phillip Hofstetter & David Freidel
2001-2. Edition of 20.

10.5" x 72” when open. Letterpress text, digital images, Mayan bark paper and sisal twine. Title page set in Humana Serif. Book text set in Palatino. Letterpress printed on Somerset Velvet Fine Art Paper. Book designed by Michael Henninger.

This large side-bound book was a collaboration with Phillip Hofstetter who has been documenting archaeology projects in the Yucatan for over 15 years. This book contains eleven of Hofstetter’s exquisite panoramic images, each accompanied by a poem written by noted archaeologist David Freidel.


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