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Matthias Claudius
A Fatherly Letter to My Son Johannes

Translated by Thomas S. Hansen
Introductory Note by Darrell Hyder
North Brookfield, Massachusetts: Sun Hill Press, 2006.
Edition of 125.

7 x 10.25"; 38 pages. Letterpress printed on Hahnemühle Biblio paper. Handbound using blue cloth for the spine with paste paper covers. Signed and numbered.

Handset in 20 point Fry's Baskerville Italic, a rarely encountered 18th century font cast from the original English matrices.

Sun Hill Press, catalogue: "Matthias Claudius's A Fatherly Letter to My Son Johannes was written in 1799 as his first son left home to start an apprenticeship. The father, a writer and poet hardly known in English, has long been well-regarded in his native Germany. This letter is considered a classic of the German language but has somehow escaped translation until now. Out of his lifetime observing human nature, of his strong faith and parental concern, Claudius gave warm and winsome advice that is still valid."

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The Complete Quires of Quotes
Gathered by Wendell Garrett
North Brookfield, Massachusetts: Sun Hill Press, 2000. Edition of 35.

Assembly of three pamphlets plus ephemera. Laid in 6.75 x 10" paper portfolio with grosgrain ribbon-tie closure and paper title label on front.

Pamphlets: 5.9 x 9"; 24 pages. Letterpress printed on textured paper. Saddle-stitched bound in heavy paper with title label on front cover.     A Quire of Quotes 1997
     Another Quire of Quotes 1998
     The Ultimate Quire of Quotes 2000

Ephemera includes:

Publicity card 6 x 4.25" with title label of a Quire of Quotes. Printed on both sides.
Order Form for the third in the series of gathered quotes, "The Ultimate Quire of Quotes". 6.5 x 8.5" single sheet printed on one side.
Untrimmed signature for "Another Quire of Quotes". 9.5 x 6.25" closed; 16 pages.
Mailing envelope for "Another Quire." 9.5 x 6.5" white with red lettering of titles.
Review copy from Ephemera News, Vol. 19 No. 4 Summer 2001, single sheet 8.5 x 11" folded.
Review copy from Rural New England Magazine December 1998-January 1999, single sheet 8.5 x 11" folded.
Colophon "The Complete Quires of Quotes" 9.25 x 12" folded with early portrait of Dr. Seuss of the Quire choir director, "recalling a pleasant and chirpy collaboration of longtime and bantering friends." Signed by Wendell Garrett and Darrell Hyder. Numbered.

Sun Hill Press: "A few years ago the artist ran off his letterpress a first quire of Wendell Garrett's quotes and used the print run for Christmas cards. So wide is Hyder's list that, in no time orders streamed in from all over this land and a second printing was scheduled. A quire is what printers now call a signature, a gathering of sheets, one inside the other, bound together in a book."

This collection contains lively quotations by a wide range of thinkers, politicians, artists, and writers, Greeks and Romans, General Grant ('I am a verb'), even John Wayne ('Talk low, talk slow, and don't say much').





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