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Lynn Sures is a multidisciplinary artist in drawing, printmaking, papermaking, ceramic sculpture, encaustic painting, artist’s books, and forged steel.

Lynn Sures: "The sciences of geology, anthropology, and physics guide my lifelong curiosity in time perception, evolutionary development, capacity for change with both poetic and philosophical internalization of what I observe or uncover."

VARIATIONS on the Dialectic between Mingus and Pithecanthropus Erectus
Text by Rick Potts
Wheaton, Maryland: 2005, Lynn Sures. Edition of 55.

10.5 x 7.5 x.5" (27cm.x19cm.x1.5cm) closed and opens to 58.5" (148 cm). An accordion book with 16 pages of abaca, pulp-painted paper. Eight consecutive pages are printed with woodcuts and polymer-plate text, eight are printed with woodcuts alone. Three pamphlets of abaca and hemp papers are sewn into the accordion; each contains two polymer-plate images and one essay, plus a watermark image. The title and colophon are printed on the front and back of the wrapper, which is a single folded sheet of abaca paper with a woodcut and polymer-plate text. All text and images are letterpress printed, all paper is handmade.

Lynn Sures designed the book; drew and carved woodblocks from basswood (Japanese shina) panels. The paper, pulp paintings & watermarks were made at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, of Silver Spring, Maryland. Sures then bound the edition with assistance from Maria Burke & Jill Christian. Lynn also worked on the text design with Terrence Chouinard and designed the wrapper with assistance from Shawn Sheehy. Harold Kyle produced the photopolymer plates at his Boxcar Press of Syracuse, New York. Terrence Chouinard of the Wing & the Wheel Press, Locke, New York, was the printer. Variations began in 2000 and was completed in 2005.

Inspiration for this book is the musical work entitled "Pithecanthropus Erectus" written and performed by twentieth-century musician Charles Mingus. Mingus speaks in the album liner notes about the stages of evolutionary development and the self-awareness of humans. Book artist Lynn Sures and paleoanthropologist Rick Potts use images and words to weave Mingus' musical tale together with the poignant factual story of early hominid P. erectus. The dialectic between Mingus and P. erectus addresses fragility, the power of creation, the hand played by chance, and the blank slate of the future.




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