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(Gloria Morales)

Originally from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, Gloria Morales now resides in San Francisco.

Gloria Morales: "As an artist using a visual vocabulary inspired in nature and nurture in the traditions of my cultural heritage as well as my appreciation of other cultures of the world I want to be a medium to express the continuity of life through changes in nature and the cycles of life and death where the past, the present and the future simultaneously coexist."
By Gloria Morales
San Francisco, California: Sol Press, 2013. Edition of 10.

3.5 x 4.75" closed, extends to 25.5"; 14 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Text in English and Spanish. Etchings printed on Hosho and Mulberry papers. Handset in Spectrum and Centaur. Boards covered in Amate paper. Housed in handmade card box with tie closure. Numbered.

Drawings based on the proverb "just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

Gloria Morales: "My work is the reflection of my environment which depicts the communion between nature and culture and their fragile balancing act. In my artwork I juxtapose the anatomy of the human body and of trees because of their intricate structure, the constant flow of energy and life carried by arteries and veins, branches and leaves conforming a complex unity of functions inscribed in a much larger and harmonious universe."

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Song Canto
By Gloria Morales
Edition of 50.

Type used is Sabon Antiqua. Papers are Tiziano, Unryu Kozo & Frankfurt.
Handsewn binding.

Poems and illustrations by Gloria Morales with poetry in Spanish as well as English

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Silence is sound

pure space
where the spirit sends
notes in its flight

El silencio es sonido

Espacio puro
donde el aliento emite
notas en su vuelo ...


Sol Press Out of Print Title:
• Here Comes the Band

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