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Six Letters to an Apprentice
By F. Scott Fitzgerald, Willa Cather, George Ade, Ellen Glasgow, Don Marquis, and Ring Lardner.
Riverside, California: Thaumatrope Press, 1994. Edition of 150.

6 x 8.75"; 7 unnumbered loose leaves (the 6 replies plus one illustration); 1 6-page trifold (the foreword); 1 4-page portfolio (the Publisher's Acknowledgment). Letterpress printed on hand- and mouldmade papers. Handset in Oxford and Goudy Open types. Designed by Sidney E. Berger. Foreword by Ernest Kroll. Illustrations by Elizabeth Cohen and Carolyn Kilgour. In handmade flax paper portfolio with button and thread closure. Includes Publisher's Acknowledgement.

Prospectus: "In 1930, Ernest Kroll wrote letters to some of the more prominent writers of the day asking how to become a great writer. The six letters in this portfolio, never before printed, are some of the replies he received."

Foreword: "The six letters that follow were written to a high school sophomore, a literary aspirant, who admired certain established living authors and wrote them asking, 'How does one learn to write?' It is remarkable, in retrospect, that they took the time to answer for a fourteen-year-old a question as old as literature itself."

My dear Lad:
            Nobody can teach you anything
about writing. You have to learn it all
for yourself. Good luck to you.
                                   Very cordially yours,
                                       Willa Cather


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