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A Hand for a Rookie Clock
By Jerzy Ficowski
translated by Frank L. Vigoda
Riverside, California: Vigoda Press, 2011. Edition of 50.

6.5 x 22.25"; 9 leaves. Japanese style binding. Letterpress printed on an Asbern press in Eve Bold and Gill Shadow. Printed on Glama Natural Clear and Magnani Revere Felt Ivory papers. Includes DVD recording of a concert performance of the poem by artist Ann Frenkel. Printed by Gwido Zlatkes.

Colophon: "The design inspired by Portraits for Nancy Morgenstern by Otis Rubottom, Bay Park Press, 2003"

"A Hand for a Rookie Clock" is a long poem about time passing by Polish poet Jerzy Ficowski (1924-2006) translated by Frank L. Vigoda and performed by Ann Frenkel.

University of California, Riverside, 2011: "Frank L. Vigoda, a pushme-pullyou translator with Janus-like faces, split tongues, a double heart, and brains that work exclusively after hours. His output, published and not yet, includes several books and hundreds of poems. His translations into Polish are usually signed Franek Wygoda.

"Ann Frenkel, a native of California who grew up in Oregon and spent most of her adult life in Boston, returned to her native state five years ago. A trained musicologist and librarian, in the 1990s, she accompanied the banjoist Geoff Freed on the piano in the duo "Black Tie Banjo" and together they recorded two CDs. Currently she serves as the Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services at UC Riverside.

"Gwido Zlatkes was born in Warsaw, and educated as a literary scholar and historian. In the 1970s and -80s he was active in avant-garde student theatre in Poland and worked as a journalist for the underground “Solidarno?? ” (Solidarity). In the US since 1989, he currently works as a reference librarian in Special Collections & Archives at UC Riverside."

Before the reader stops
at the dial
and hands us the bill
for time used

we kill time and time kills us


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