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Other bookworks by Antonacci  
Domicilia II
By Sam Garriott Antonacci
Seattle, Washington: Sam Garriott Antonacci, 2013. Edition of 5.

Miniature book: 2.125 x 2.125" closed, 11 x 3.8" open. Single sheet folded extending from pastedowns of paper covered boards. Epson print of prismacolor and ink on parchment. Signed and numbered on backboard with handwritten colophon information. Hand illustration on front board. Housed in a 3 x 3 x 1" clamshell box with illustrations on cover and title handprinted on spine. Laid in box with Antonacci's printed label on lid and printed specifics of book tipped in.

Sam Garriott Antonacci: "Domicilia II is a map book of all the places that I have lived. It is a small document of personal history - once you open it up, it can be folded accordion-style in order to stand up for display."

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Ode to a Grecian Urn
By Sam Garriott Antonacci
Seattle: Sam Garriott Antonacci, 2007. Edition of 10.

3 x 2.5" closed, 17.5" extended; 6 paged accordion fold book. Giclée prints of graphite and pen-and-ink drawings. Bound in black bookcloth with illustrated paper title on front cover. Housed in black cloth-covered box with colophon tipped in bottom and paper illustration on lid.

Grecian urns of different shapes and sizes dance across the pages of this miniature accordion book.

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Cultivated Plants of the Ranunculacae Family
By Sam Garriott Antonacci
Seattle: Sam Garriott Antonacci, 2006. Edition of 5.

2.75 x 2.87"; 10 pages. Casebound book with pen-and-ink botanical drawings printed on Frankfurt Zerkall paper. Bound in Japanese paper covered boards with brown cloth spine. Housed in brown cloth box (3.5" x 3.87 x 1"), which fits into a brown mesh bag with pull closure.

Five pen-and-ink drawings by Antonacci: Caparis spinesa (caper plant); Papaver somniferum (poppy); anemone hortensis (garden anemone); Adonis vernalis (bird's eye); Helleborus niger (black hellebora).
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Sam Garriott Antonacci Out of Print Title:  
Point of Origin
By Sam Garriott Antonacci
Seattle, Washington: Sam Garriott Antonacci, 1999. One-of-a-Kind.

2.875 x 3 x .875" miniature tunnel book built into a clamshell box. Title on front in ink. Prismacolor and ink on parchment paper.

Sam Garriott Antonacci: "I see many of my books as histories or small personal documents of people, places, or objects. Point of Origin is a visual telling in a tiny tunnel book form of my family's farm in the Ohio River valley where I spent my childhood and youth. This farm has been in my family for seven generations, and the book references things that were important in that rural life: plants, a mailbox and tractor, and all the autumn colors that I miss now that I live in the Pacific Northwest."

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