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Alpine Plants
By Rebecca Goodale
Portland, Maine: Rebecca Goodale, 2006. Edition of 10.

3.125 x 3.125 x 2.125" slipcase containing six 2.75 x 2.75" miniatures. Each employs a different book structure. Bound using floral ivory patterned cloth front board with solid green cloth spine and back board. Each book denotes the common plant name as well its scientific name.

Another bookwork in Goodale’s Threatened and Endangered series (in which she plans to cover all the threatened and endangered species in Maine). Alpine Plants was inspired by Goodale's visit to Mount Katahdin during the summer of 2005. Not surprisingly, this set of six miniature books spotlights Alpine plants. Five – bearberry, blueberry, moss plant, sitka ground cedar, and hairy arnica -- are in the threatened category: Dwarf white birch is in the endangered category.

Rebecca Goodale on her Threatened and Endangered project: "My research is multi-layered. I being by talking to local naturalists, who are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge. I travel to labs and libraries in order to draw specimens. I walk off into the woods, grassland, and tidal riverbeds to see Maine's rare species in their natural habitats. When I go to a particular place to see a specific plant or animal, I often find myself scribbling notes or making drawings about something else I hadn't been looking for. In spite of all of my research, it is not my intention to become a scientific illustrator; instead, I want to inspire sensitivity for these rare species by using my background in book arts and textile design to interpret what I see with color, pattern, rhythm, and transition."
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