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Winged Figment
By Lisa Rappoport
Oakland, California: Littoral Press, 2008. Edition of 20.

3 x 3"; 8 pages. Letterpress printed with Bernhard Gothic type. Boards covered with Rives paper painted by Marjorie Margulies (to whom the book is dedicated).

Lisa Rappoport: "Winged Figment employs a structure described in Alisa Golden's excellent volume, Unique Handmade Books. In her example the pointed pages refer to a bird's beak; for me they inspired a poem dedicated to my favorite aunt, who loves butterflies."


Alar (our shared word hoard)
a paper folded winged
clues, names of coins never spoken, unspent
so few letters butterflies floating
from then till here: emblem of desire
fragility ephemeral beauty
mortality in mid-air flutters away.


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