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By Lois Morrison
Leonia, New Jersey: Lois Morrison, 2001. Edition of 25.

2.75”square; 5 spreads. . Gocco printed images are enhanced with Pigma pens and watercolor. Hand lettered text, decorated paper over board covers, tie closure. Hand cut and assembled.

A miniature artist book about secretly carnivorous clouds. Morrison's ability to see the darker other side of events and objects is always balanced by her wit and the ever-delightful presentation of her books. Looking at clouds from both sides now (like the pop-music classic), Morrison observes that they may not necessarily be the benign shapes we project upon them to soothe ourselves, but rather, "changeling monsters, dropping softly to the ground, surrounding and muffling all cries with dense fog."

This three-layer carousel accordion depicts a background landscape; pop-out clouds; and a thin band of poetic text in the foreground. The back side of the accordion is humorously decorated with text balloon quotes of fog-prompted shrieks A delight.

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By Lois Morrison
Leonia, New Jersey: Lois Morrison, 1996. Edition of 25.

Enclosed in a 2.75 x 2.75" simple, slotted paper case. Printed in black with a Gocco printer on street-salvaged amber-colored filter (celluloid) and laminated. Small grommets in each page allow the book to be worn as a necklace. Seventeen pieces strung on a black, braided cord with clasp. Text, illustrations, and binding by Lois Morrison.

From the text: "In all the writing about insects trapped in amber rarely does anyone write about what it must have been like for the insects who were so caught." Morrison writes that "the imperfections of the filter's previous street life are much like those in real amber. The insects and bits thereof are drawn from what was on my cabin floor this spring."

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Lois Morrison Out of Print Title:
• Snakes are not nice

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