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Other bookworks by Rae Trujillo  
I Love Doughnuts
By Rae Trujillo
Pleasant Hill, California: rae's of sun, 2014. Edition of 10.

2.75 x 2.75" closed, extends to 30". Accordion structure. Papers: Stonehenge, Kraft, and decorative papers. Photographs of doughnuts created using a twin lens camera. Housed in pink paper sleeve made from an unused doughnut box, cut down to accommodate the book and adorned with a hand-carved rubberstamp. Design and photographs by Rae Trujillo. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Rae Trujillo: "When I was still working in an office, month end would get hectic and someone would bring in doughnuts. I tried to resist, but really, I do love doughnuts. People would dive right in and grab their favorites; I would allow the immediate storm to pass, then halt further selections until I took my pictures. I'd quickly get my twin lens set up, snap the pictures, and get my glazed old fashion, yum."

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Sounds of Silence
By Rae Trujillo
Pleasant Hill, California: rae's of sun, 2008. Edition of 8.

2.9 x 3"; 9 pages. Collage. White paper printed with music scores hold classified ads seeking to sell musical instruments.

"What happens when the school music programs are cancelled?" "Still Strings," "Missing Reeds," and more.
$95 (Last three copies)



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rae's of sun Out of Print Title:  

Elephant Jokes
By Rae Trujillo
Pleasant Hill, California: rae's of sun, 2009. Edition of 6, unnumbered.

3 x 3"; 12 unnumbered pages. Pocket binding with the answers on removable cards tucked into the pockets. Handcarved rubber stamps used to embellish the pages. Sparkly cardstock used for the front and back covers.

Elephant images are color copies of collages.

Rae Trujillo: "When I was young, I loved telling and laughing at Elephant Jokes. They still crack me up."

What time is it when ten elephants are chasing you?

(Ten after one)


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