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Under the imprint of Red Hydra Press, Steve Miller collaborates on various limited edition publishing projects with authors and artists.

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By Steve Miller
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Red Hydra Press, 2016. Edition of 46.

2.75 x 2.75"; 24 pages. Miniature. Letterpress printed. Type is Scala Pro and Scala Sans Pro. Printed on Mohawk Text paper. Handbound in Khadi Indian handmade paper wrappers with green endpapers. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Red Hydra Press: "Zeke is the touching story of three friends, a pit bull, and a tornado. It is illustrated with two photographs of the boy dog. This is the second miniature book that Miller has created based upon experiencing the catastrophic 2011 Alabama tornado."

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By Billy Collins
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Red Hydra Press, 2014. Edition of 65.

2.75 x 2.75" miniature book. Letterpress printed by Steve Miller in three sections, sewn, consolidated, then wrapped in handmade paper. Printed in Centaur and Charlemagne types. Printed and wrapped in four papers made at Papeterie St. Armand in Montréal. Signed by the poet. Numbered.

Steve Miller: "Billy Collins penned a sweet new poem, and this is its first appearance."

I slid past a pencil drawing of a young girl,
a white marble status of a warrior
as well as a vase that had managed to remain
unshattered for over three thousand years …


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To Sit With Animals
Linocuts by Sigfredo Mendoza
Words by Mary Wehner
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Red Hydra Press, 2013. Edition of 40.

2.75 x 2.75"; 18 pages. Miniature book with eight poems and eight linocuts. Letterpress printed in Century Schoolbook on paper from French Paper Co. Bound in wrapper of Mohawk paper. Designed, letterpress-printed, and handbound by Steve Miller. Signed and numbered by the poet.

Steve Miller: "This is my fourth collaboration with Wisconsin poet Mary Wehner, and the second with Havana-born Sigfredo Mendoza. I met the artist while working on artist book projects in Cuba. He became a friend and has visited Tuscaloosa twice. On a recent visit I gave him eight linoleum blocks and asked him to cut them as he saw fit. I then sent proofs of the blocks to the poet, and, Voila!, a book was born.

"Note to self: It is much harder to make a miniature book."



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