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Little Houses:
Chicago River Bridge Houses

By Scott McCarney
Rochester, New York: Visual Books, 2007. Edition of 50.

3 x 3"; 24 pages. Photographs of Chicago River Houses. Sewn binding. Housed in paper slipcase.

Scott McCarney: "Little Houses was made specifically for a fund raising exhibit/sale titled Think Small, which takes place at a gallery in Richmond, VA every year. I went to VCU and still have some contacts there, and am generally supportive of artist run galleries.... I don't usually work in miniature, so it's a nice challenge to come up with something. The pictures were made during an architecture tour by boat on the Chicago River last year. I've been photographing 'little houses' for some time (children's plastic play cottages, tree houses, utility sheds, etc.) but this set was distinct and lent itself nicely to the theme. I was thinking (wryly) of Bernd and Hiller Becher's work. They often presented their photographs in grids, which I mimic by printing the bridge gratings on the verso of the pages. It's a bit of a tribute to Chicago being such a rich city for architecture and photography, too."

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Think Seoul
By Scott McCarney
Rochester, New York: Visual Books, 2005. Edition of 50.

3 x 3"; 14 pages. Handbound ink jet. A fold book held at the spine by an
unusual non-adhesive concertina structure devised by Hedi Kyle. The hybrid binding complements the east/west concept of the imagery.

Images of Seoul, Korea framed with textures unique to the culture.


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