A Parent's Patchwork of Proverbs & Proscriptions

By Bonnie Thompson Norman
in collaboration with Alicia Hall, Susan Hsu, Lisa Kraft, Kathryn Muckler, Jennifer Murphy, Deborah Pang Davis, Lisa Schaefbauer, and Michael Young
Seattle, Washington: Bonnie Thompson Norman, 2007. Limited edition

5 x 5"; 25 leaves. Letterpress printed on a variety of colored papers. Hand bound in a snake format. Housed in a paper letterfold box (5.25 x 5.25 x 1"). Designed and produced in a class taught by Bonnie Thompson Norman at The Windowpane Press in February 2007.

The leaves spread out to form a 25 x 25" paper quilt. Each quilt square contains a bit of wisdom from parent to child.

Don't quit at the first sign of problems.
Or the second
~ CindyFrancis