The Three Sisters

By Catherine Michaelis Seattle, Washington: May Day Press, 2008. Edition of 50. - See more at:

9 x 3.5"; trifold. Letterpress printed. Printed on Rives BFK paper. Linoleum print with hand coloring. Handset Centaur and Arrighi typefaces. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Catherine Michaelis: "'The Three Sisters' is a story told in North American native cultures about three sisters who were very different, but very close. The eldest sister was corn, the middle sister squash, and the last sister was bean. The sisters’ story is long, but what they teach us is community. By being different we all have something to offer that someone else needs."

Text: "Three Sisters Gardening teaches us how to grow our gardens and communities. The Three Sisters are part of sustainable native farming traditions all over North America. Corn is the oldest sister, bean is the youngest, and squash is the middle sister. Grown together their differences enable them to thrive. Planted in the center of flattened mounds, one in each of the four directions. Four squash seeds are planted in mounds between the corn mounds, one in each direction. After the corn is finger length high, pole beans are planted on the slopes of the corn mounds and thinned to one bean per stalk."