The ME Ching

By Cathryn Miller
Grasswood, Saskatchewan, Canada: Byopia Press, 2013. Edition of 18.

6 x 4.5"; 12 pages. Laser printed on 100% acid-free paper. Includes Chinese coin in small origami pouch on last leaf. Bound in starch-coated cotton paper with cotton cord tie. Initialed and numbered by the artist.

Byopia Press: "Given the high-speed world in which we live, the I Ching – that ancient tool of divination and decision-making – no longer seems appropriate. Cathryn Miller has produced a pamphlet introducing a modern alternative. Beginning with an introduction to the history of the I Ching, then covering methodology and interpretation, this twelve-page booklet concludes with one page of simple instructions for the use of the ME Ching to aid in decision-making. A Chinese Lucky Coin is included in a special pocket."