Transformation Mask
By Don Widmer Chicago, Illinois: Don Widmer, 2015. Edition of 100.

7 3.5 x 4" hexaflexagon. Materials: Zander's Elephant Hide paper, ink, archival tape. Inkjet printed. Handcut and folded. Information sheet included. Numbered.

Don Widmer: "Transformation Mask is a sculptural paper structure called a hexaflexagon. The book's images are taken from a 19th-century mask created by an unknown Kwakwaka'wakw artist from the Alert Bay region of British Columbia. Many Northwest Coast masks included mechanisms which enabled the mask to transform into more than one being, spirit, or ancestor. Using strings, hinges and other mechanisms, the mask wearer could manipulate the mask to create startling, often awe-inspiring effects. This hexaflexagon structure can be manipulated to demonstrate the transformation qualities of the original mask."