Checked Out

By Gail Gregg
New York: Gail Gregg, 2014.

4.5 x 7.5"; 20 leaves. Perfect bound in glossy pictorial covers.

Gail Gregg: " Checked Out was created from two disparate collections of found objects - objects that that spent a decade in adjacent file drawers until a spring cleaning two years ago. Idly sorting through vintage photos found in thrift stores and flea markets, I noticed that one image seemed to be an illustration of the library card lying nearby. Thus began a game of searching for associations between the cards and photos.

"The project builds on my fondness for the abject object, the more ephemeral the better. I delight in resurrecting items that have been discarded, only to resurface decades later as food for thought and material for art-making. I love the whimsy, the naturalness, the patina - and the chance to make something beautiful or compelling from objects that have been castoff by families or repudiated by new technologies.

"Even as the humble snapshot and the paper-pocket library card have been abandoned in favor of digital albums or bar-code tracking systems, they have found new life in Checked Out."