Aesthetique du rale

By Michael Anania
Chicago: Haybarn Press / Editions due Grenier
1977. Edition of 100.

11 x 8.5"; 17 pages bound in a portfolio. Signed by the poet and artist with original collaborative print, signed and numbered. Type is Optima. Offset Lithography.

This portfolio album is one of a series inspired by the poet's text.

Ed Colker, The Anthromorphic Book exhibition catalogue, 1994: "Aesthetique du Rale evolved after Chicago poet Michael Anaia visited my studio and expressed concern over the latest trend in contemporary art: mutilated body parts. This was in the mid-1970's. He sees the poem's last line of 'dernier cri' ("last word" in fashion) as the "rale" (death-rattle) of aesthetics. After the offset printing, the poet and I joined in a two-handed etching which we printed in relief as a frontispiece."