By Hilke Kurzke
Nottingham, England: Büchertiger Studio & Press, 2014. Open, varying edition.

4.25 x 6" (varies slightly with each book); 6 pages. Accordion format. Gesso, handwriting, stencils. Painted boards. Signed and numbered by the artist. - See more at: http://www.vampandtramp.com/finepress/k/Hilke-Kurzke.html#absences

Hilke Kurzke: "This is a small accordion (format of a postcard) with hard covers, stenciled shapes into gesso, and hand-written with coal. It features my short short story absences about paying attention to one's surroundings. I think (and hope) it is funny in a bittersweet way.

"Each copy in this open varying edition is painted and written by hand. Some of the books are made from a light brown paper, others made with black paper … the position of the objects is varying.

"The story features a dialogue in which one of the persons tells another one about strange disappearances of objects from her apartment. In the end she finds out what happened. A surprising story about paying attention to the small things in your life so as not to miss the big things."