You Should Not 'Ignore' - This Message ...

By oan Lyons Rochester, New York: Joan Lyons, 2015. Open edition.

6 x 9"; 36 pages. Digital printing. Saddle stitched binding [that is, held together by center staples] with laminated covers. Signed by the author on the copyright page.

Joan Lyons: "The free internet in the time of late capitalism has become a wild west of prospecting. Shadowing the giant corporate sellers are the spammers relentlessly heaving their wares into our inboxes. Your body is eroding, sexuality flagging, cellulite exploding, face sagging. You are lonely, broke, a victim of conspiracies by doctors, 'bigpharm', politicians, government, Wall Street. We can fix it - send money."

Lyons saved the spam in her inbox for the week beginning November 8, 2014. This is a subset of that collection which is commercial email messages. She has taken the message and inserted pictographs or icons such as money bags. $15