A Lifetime of Cars

By John Hastings Everett, Washington: John R. Hastings, 2011. Edition of 10.

11.5 x 8.5"; 26 pages. Printed on Epson Stylus Photo 2200 printer with pigment inks. Printed onto Epson double-sided Premium Presentation Matte paper. Spiral bound in covers of Westminster 2-ply, museum quality 100% rag board. Arial font.

This spiral bound book of photographs and writing provides a brief history of the author told through stories about the cars that have been a part of his life. Includes several pockets tipped to pages in which are postcards, images of the artist through various stages of his life, and other tidbits of information about life on the roads.

John Hastings, colophon: "There are many threads that one might follow when unraveling the fabric that is a person's life. For this book I decided to write a story based on the cars that have been important to me. It begins from my earliest recollections and ends with me pondering an uncertain future. I do, however, remain optimistic and look forward to traveling many more roads and highways."

Hastings begins his love affair with cards with this: "If I had been raised in the urban core of a major U. S. City, I doubt I would have spent nearly as much time riding in cars. I would have had access to public transportation. I would have walked. But I was raised in the West in smaller towns and city suburbs, where hardly anything a person needed was within walking distance. "