Florence by Day, Florence by Night

By Lyall F. Harris
Corbignano, Italy: Lyall F. Harris, 2013. Open Edition.

7.25 x 5.125" Two books, 7 x 3" closed, are each made from one sheet of paper (size A4, approximately the US standard 8.5 x 11 in.), 150 gram Daler Rowney Canford Paper, side panels are glued so that middle section only is 3-d, structures are housed together with a band. Slipped into gold envelope.

One line of text handwritten in orange in each book: Florence by Day: "Brunelleschi's dome has been standing for 577 years." Florence by Night: "Open edition by Lyall Harris, Florence 2013."

Lyall Harris: "To say that Florence's Duomo is iconic is an understatement. Breathtaking and unbelievable, the dome, completed in 1436 per Brunelleschi's ingenious design, dominates every image of this city."