Chinese Dreams

By Margaret Davis Portland, Oregon: Ma Nao Books, 2014. Edition of 25.

5.75 x 4.25"; 32 pages including end pages. Printed on an Epson printer. Hinged rigid-page structure. Paper-covered boards. Numbered with artist’s stamp on the colophon.

Margaret Davis: "Inspired by the sleepers found throughout the Middle Kingdom, Chinese Dreams captures the ritual midday nap as practiced from Beijing and the port metropolis of Tianjin to the remote reaches of Hunan Province. The 11 images appeared in a solo show that marked the beginning of the Year of the Horse. The binding is a hinged rigid-page structure that allows the book to lay flat and for full presentation of the photographs."

Margaret Davis, introduction: "Countless times while living and traveling in China, I would see people walk up to a bench, take off their shoes, set down a makeshift pillow, and drop into some serious shut-eye. The afternoon nap, a ritual in much of the world, seemed a seamless part of Chinese life – it could happen at work, in the park, amid the clatter and din of the train station, or a few feet from a traffic thoroughfare.”