By Michael Peven Fayetteville, Arkansas: Primitive Press, 2015. Edition of 27.

Boxed set of three miniature books. Each one sheet book 1.75 x 2.625" closed, 10.5 x 15.75" extended; 36 pages. Archival inkjet prints on Mitsubishi. Maze structure, double sided. Belly band closure for each book. Presented in custom made archival printed box with removal lid. Signed and numbered by the artist on the interior lid.

Michael Peven: "A boxed set of 3 books, Statutorio, La Strada and Rovine et Reletti. … One side of each book reveals a full image when unfolded while the other side features 36 images, one on each 'page' as you peruse the book.

"The books are oriented so that they can be viewed page by page while they are being unfolded until the viewer reveals a large page that displays all of the images at once on one side and the singular image on the other side. The maze fold is designed so that the books have to be re-oriented at each intersection. Turning left or right, up or down or over as the fold dictates, involving the viewer on a physical level with the book as they negotiate the pages.

"The images are from time spent in Italy and Paris during the summer of 2015. I concentrated on photographing street life, ancient ruins and relics, and figurative statuary. Statutorio and La Strada are full color front and back while Rovine et Reletti is black and white."