The Critics Rave!
By Bob & Roberta Smith [Patrick Brill]
New York: Purgatory Pie Press, 2003. Edition of 30. - See more at:

4 coasters, each 4 x 4". Both sides of each coaster letterpress printed by Dikko Faust. Band title slip on with colophon.

Bob and Roberta Smith versus the London Tabloid art critics. Bob & Roberta Smith is the pseudonym of British contemporary artist Patrick Brill (born 1963). This set of four coasters introduces a new typeface by Dikko. This is one of several collaborations between Brill and Purgatory Pie Press.

Aesthetica Magazine, July 2009: "He studied at the University of Reading and Goldsmiths College London. [Patrick Brill] invites us to question high art, and the role that aesthetic elitism has to play in society today. At the core of his practice Bob & Roberta Smith asserts that art can and should be an essential tool in the democratic process. He shows work internationally, with recent shows in Italy and the United States, and at Tate Britain."