Essay, Bowl
By Regula Russelle St. Paul, Minnesota: Regula Russelle, 2011. Edition of 100.

Regula Russelle: "26 narrow, folded panels form an accordion structure (1.5" wide x 3.5" tall; approximately 20" unfolded). 8 images are printed with photopolymer plates, translated from original stratography prints. The text is hand-set in Caslon type and printed on Hahnemühle Ingre. The book features simple hard covers, a wrapper, and a protective sleeve.

"I like to make some books that are widely affordable, say for the cost of a dinner and a glass of wine. Often I make a smaller version of a larger work. This is the case with this editioned version of 'Essay, Bowl.' Bowls serve us as powerful metaphor. They may be empty or filled. They hold and sometimes spill. They signal nourishment, fellowship. My book explores this theme in imagery and text. It is a brief essay with a philosophical slant. Among other angles, my essay examines a bowl's imaginative associates (books, houses, boats, hearts) and retells a Jewish creation myth from sixteenth century Palestine."