Coyote with Coffee
By Jenny Bates
Tobaccoville, North Carolina: Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press, 2014. Unstated.

12 x 11" single sheet. Woodcut. Letterpress. Signed by poet and artist.

Broadside consisting of a poem by Jenny Bates from book by same name and tipped on woodcut image or images from that book by Terry Schupbach-Gordon. Prints were overruns from the printing of the book. Woodcuts on broadside vary as several images used in the book.

Jenny Bates: "I have always considered my writings to be a mirror of the natural world. Like the sea reflects the heavens indefinitely making it possible to discover hidden meanings in its reality. I hope to convey the symmetry between humans and fellow animals. Whether it be in the cycling of pulsating life or silent death. I hope those who read my poetry come to touch the world and the travails of totally different yet kindred beings and, as I do, feel less alone."