Just Like Always
By Robert P. Moyer Tobaccoville, North Carolina: Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press, 2015. Edition of 50.

10 x 5.75"; 16 pages + 4 fold out leaves. Letterpress printed using Tahoma 10 point typeface on Kitakata and Nideggen papers. Woodcuts by Terry Schupbach-Gordon. Bound in St-Armand paper covers. Japanese stab binding. Signed by writer and artist. Numbered.

Terry Schupbach-Gordon: "I have known Bob for many years, sharing as we do a love of all things theater, puppetry, storytelling, and of course, a love of our time spent at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio many years ago. Over coffee and conversation while planning our 7th grade Haiku and handmade book extravaganza, we decided that we should ourselves collaborate on a project, and so we did. The book was printed on various handmade papers with covers from St. Armand paper mill in Montreal. It was bound by many hands some also holding many cups of coffee around a table here in Tobaccoville, NC."

Robert Moyer: "From the thousands of books I read as a child, to the dozens of folk tales I have performed as a storyteller and director for over a million people, my life has been blessed with stories. From my teachers, Viola Spolin (author of IMPROVISATION FOR THE THEATER), and Paul Sills(creator of Story Theater), I learned to love stories, learned to shape stories, learned to share stories collaboratively. Now, with Terry Schupbach-Gordon, I have shaped and shared collaboratively for the very first time a story of my own, not a folktale."