By Claire Siepser
[Tuscaloosa, Alabama]: Little Dinosaur Press, 2013. Edition of 75.

2.5 x 3.5"; 30 pages. Hand-stitched sewing/basic embroidery. Letterpress printed. Poliphilus typeface. Printed in two shades of blue; the images in black ink. Drawings and text by the artist. Printed on pages with letterpress printed collagraph made with the artist's hair. This background starts with cold colors and moves to warmer ones. Cover of handmade paper made by the artist with a screen-printed uterus on the front. Hand-sewn with yellow linen thread with a double pamphlet binding. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Claire Siepser: "This artist’s book is a personal exploration of reproductive choice. With the numerous and intense political messages and brash facts and figures, sometimes it becomes difficult to see the intensely personal nature of the choices we make about our bodies. Despite all the political rhetoric, it remains taboo to speak about reproduction in most circles."This book acts as a place of calm reflection about the choices I have made and why I feel strongly about women's rights. I have deep convictions regarding my own body but, despite these convictions, this issue makes each of us deeply vulnerable. I decided that I should create a piece that made me deeply vulnerable and shared my difficult trek towards being positive about my reproductive life. I wanted to share my vulnerability with the world in the hopes that it might speak to other individuals trying to make their way in the world."