Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie

The Divine Comedy
Bagel Ballet

By Arnold Iger
San Francisco: Persona Grata Productions, Inc., 2012. One-of-a-Kind.

7.75 x 11.75 x 1.125"; 6 pages. Single-sided accordion structure. Original drawings. Mixed medium with a pop up and collage elements. Paper-covered boards. In slipcase with title on cover.

Arnold Iger: "A bagel from inception to eating as seen through the journey of Dante's Divine Comedy. Instructions for bagel dish by Paul Kwan."

Bagel Ballet information is tipped on the front pastedown. The dance is broken down into three acts.
"Act One: The bagel, a traditional Jewish bread made from yeasted wheat dough shaped into a ring by hand. Immersed in a boiling watery purgatory the bagellas are cleansed of their impurities ...
"Act Two: The descent into the inferno where the bagellas are baked to perfection, a dense chewy doughy interior and a browned crisp exterior often topped with poppy or sesame seeds baked into the outer crust.
"Act Three: The bagellas now transformed ascend from the fiery depths of the oven to the heights of ecstasy as a toasted bagel to be enjoyed with a schmear and lox."

$1200 (SOLD)