Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie

50 Fruits and Vegetables

Seri Buch & Un Bagian 2
by Deena Schnitman
Boston: [2009], Deena Schnitman Designs. One of a kind.

2.6 x 8"; 11 pages with 50 cards. Flag book structure. Paste paper hand made by the artist. Found ephemera. Accordion binding with paste paper covered boards and ribbon tie closure. Artist's logo on lower edge of back board. Text in Malaysian.

Deena Schnitman: "The 'cards' in the books were found in a French flea market and although they are not in French, I suspect they are part of a series of cards used in a game for children. The strip for each of the series is included with each book on the strip of the accordion fold. The paste paper I used is mine."

The title in Malaysian loosely translates as drawings of fruits. Each of the 50 cards is placed on a piece of black paper then adhered to a flag. Each image has its original number from the series. The Malaysian word for fruit or vegetable is printed under the image.

1 buah apel (apple)
23 bawang (onion)
44 randu (kapok)
29 oli palem (palm oil)
19 wortel (carrots)