Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie


By Meryl Perloff
San Luis Obispo, California: 2013, Meryl Perloff. One-of-a-Kind.

7 x 7.5 "; 6 double-page box (parallel fold) pop ups. Handsewn signatures. Bound in lime green Lokta paper with Canson Classic Cream for interior pages. Inclusions of colored monofilament, knotted. Signed and dated by the artist.

Meryl Perloff: "California’s wine industry is of major importance, producing more than 90% of the country’s wine. The Central Coastal area boasts sweeping panoramas of vineyards as far as the eye can see. Residents of the area cannot avoid being influenced by the presence of our landscape. Wine is a tribute to the beauty and success of this enormous agricultural phenomenon that affects the lives of most Californians. The primary color of the book represents the coloration of vineyards during the growing season.

The pop-out windows of each page serve as vehicles for the original poetic text, while each page is bordered with the names of the many varietals grown throughout the state. Knotted monofilament is a reference to the tendrils produced by the vines, producing anchors for the coming clusters of fruit. As viticulture requires a precise process, construction of this book form demonstrates a specific process as well. Straightforward in its intent, the book’s objective is to celebrate the wonder of nature."
$225 (SOLD)