Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie

Ice Cream Man

By Michael Henninger
Oakland, California: Rat Art Press, 2009. Edition of 50.

3 x 7.5"; 10 unnumbered leaves. Accordion fold printed on one side only. Letterpress printed. Attached to a wooden popsicle stick. Housed in illustrated red white and blue bag which slips over top of accordion.

Michael Henninger: "Is it an ice cream bar? No, it is a book shaped like an ice cream bar. [It] contains recollections and thoughts about the neighborhood Ice Cream Man past and present. The book also contains illustrations of various ice cream treats, and it slips neatly into a colorful wrapper."

Michael Henninger, colophon: "To my son, whose first complex statement was: I hear something; it sounds like the Ice Cream Man."