Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie


By Don Skiles; Marian Schell; Claribel Cone; E. Jeane Gilliam; Larry Tighe;Jon Sonneborn; Raye Thomas; Cleo Sonneborn; Mike Heffner
Mill Valley, California: Viking Dog Press / Claribel Cone, 2008.
Edition of 14.

11 x 8.5"; 13 leaves. Typefaces: Times New Roman for the text; Zapf for the titles. Scans of original watercolor and collage on Hahnemühle Bugra paper. Housed in a Japanese silkscreened "candy wrapper bunny envelope."

Claribel Cone: "Candy memories seem to be a Proustian trigger for potent-poignant stories. We gathered a group of writers and three picture makers and delved back into our encounters with Good and Plentys and other juicy fruits and chocolate bars."

Eleven broadsides with vignettes in poetry and prose about candy memory.

Jujyfruits by Don Skiles
Clark Bars by Marian Schell
Howards Violets by Claribel Cone
Sen-Sen by E. Jeane Gilliam
Red Hots by Larry Tighe and Skybars by Larry Tighe
Good and Plenty by Claribel Cone
Gram and Brachs by Jon Sonneborn
Necco Wafers by Raye Thomas
Picking by Cleo & John Sonneborn
Mister Softee by Mike Heffner
Abba Zabba by E. Jeane Gilliam

Excerpt from Picking:

When it's Carol's turn to pick, I study the mixed candies before us: Sugar Daddys, Fireballs, Bana Splits and the prize, the Black Licorice Pipe. ...