Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie
Deconstructing Elsie

A Pickle Portfolio

By Claribel Cone
Muncy, Pennsylvania / Mill Valley, California: Viking Dog Press / Claribel Cone, 2011. Edition of 11.

11.25 x 8.75"; 9 leaves. Pages of Hahnemühle iBugra paper. Bound in Yamada Hang Cream paper covers with Japanese stab binding. Front cover handpainted. Back cover with pen and ink vignettes. Each cover in the edition unique.

Claribel Cone: "The Pickle Portfolio has Pickle poems by Mike Heffner . The poems illuminate the haunts and adventures and quirks of the Pickle as never before dilled! The paintings , by Claribel Cone, are 'cardoons' lurking between the land of cartoon and painting and dunes."


Some days I’d like to
turn the world
inside out and shake it
like a rug.

Today is one such day,
but the world will wait
while I sit
on my big blue chair

and eat a pickle.
A garnish,
never a side dish
a pickle will surprise you
every time.