Winners and Losers

By Barbara Milman
El Cerrito, California: Red Parrot Press, 2011. Edition of 25.

3 x 5.5 x 1" box with pamphlet and 28 double-sided cards. Black grosgrain ribbon closure. Digital printing. Pamphlet: 2.6 x 5.3"; 10 pages. Signed and numbered on the colophon in the pamphlet.

Barbara Milman: "Winners and Losers is a set of 28 dominoes on the theme of climate change in a small box (book) with a booklet explaining the game and what the images on the dominoes are about. Each side of the domino represents a living thing threatened by climate change."

"Climate Change is expected by scientists to increase the earth's temperature significantly in this century, to make the oceans warmer and more acidic, to melt polar ice, and to cause increasingly severe floods, fires, and droughts.

"This will produce both winners and losers. Some species will thrive in hotter, more extreme climates, while many others will experience great difficulty adapting to more hostile environments. Losers will decrease in number, some to the vanishing point; winners will multiply and take over the world. Winners include yellow star thistles, mauve stinger jellyfish, and adonis blue butterflies. Losers include snow owls, polar bears, staghorn corals, and, of course, humans."
$125 (Last two copies)