Book Arts Jargonator

By Dan Mayer & Ed Lebow
Tempe, Arizona: 2000. Edition of 500.

8.5 x 11" single sheet with moveable text volvelle. Background image of a Phaistos disc, a 17th-century BCE Cretan clay disc containing pictographic symbols (discovered in 1908). Letterpress printed from photopolymer plates using a Vandercook Universal III press. Hand-cut and assembled using the time-honored eyelet binding system.

Nomadic Press: "MayBow's Book Arts Jargonator is a spielwheel of historical printing terms treasured by book collectors and muttonthumpers alike. The Jargonator's three concentric wheels, each containing 30 words, spin up to 27,000 phrases ...

"The Book [Arts] Jargonator's dura-spin format generates useful and sonorous phrases like 'grotesque swashed dingbat,' 'monatically illuminated Wayzgoose' and the always pleasing 'boustrophedonically cursive scribe.' ... MayBow's experienced team of lexicographers have not been able to crack the Phaistos' code, so they've printed more words on top for future historians to unravel."