Fromage & Friends

By Jenny Craig and Heather Morgan Seattle, Washington: Notta Pixie Press, 2016.
Open unnumbered edition.

2.25 x 4"; 52 playing cards plus instruction card. Black and white letterpress printed. Images drawn and hand-carved by the artists. Laid in handmade paper box with ribbon lift.

Jenny Craig: "This is a 16th century inspired handmade card deck. The cards are all portraits of friends who are medieval re-enactors in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Each card was designed and drawn by Heather Morgan and then carved in linoleum and printed by Jenny Craig.

"This is a 52 card deck, and can be used just like a modern one; however, it is based on the extremely common German style in the 16th century, where you have a Unter (Under), Uber (Over), and a King, instead of the common modern Jack, Queen, King."

The artists invite you to color the images using watercolor paints, markers, or pencils.